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EN Plus - A1

Biomass Wood Pellet Production

Wood Pelleting Mill - Complete Control from Sourcing to Supply

At our wood pelleting mill, we pride ourselves on producing premium wood pellets that not only fuel your homes and businesses with efficient and sustainable energy but also reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship. Every pellet is a testament to our eco-friendly philosophy and dedication to quality.

Perfect Biomass Wood Pellets

Having our own wood pelleting mill, based in Lancashire, means that we are in complete control over sourcing the best materials. Our  wood pellets are produced sustainably from sawmill residues (mostly from local forestry) and no trees are cut down specifically for the purpose of making our wood pellets. 

We begin our process by carefully selecting our raw materials. Unlike other manufacturers that might use a mix of materials, we only use virgin wood shavings, sourced directly from sawmills. These shavings are a natural byproduct of the milling process, ensuring that no additional trees are cut solely for our pellets. This not only makes use of what would otherwise be waste but also guarantees that our pellets are made from clean, untreated wood, providing you with a pure product.

Quality Assurance

Only virgin timber residues are used and a series of 28 knives ensure that pellets are trimmed to a maximum length of 45mm – ensuring compatibility with all boiler feed systems.

Combining our wood pelleting mill with our bulk blown delivery service, we retain end to end control of the whole process to ensure our customers only receive top quality products delivered with exceptional service.

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every step of our manufacturing process. From utilizing a byproduct of another industry to implementing efficient manufacturing that reduces waste, North West Wood Pellets ensures that you receive a product that is as environmentally responsible as it is high-performing.

Bulk Pellet Storage

At North West Wood Pellets, we offer comprehensive blown wood pellet delivery services, expertly designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

A key feature of our wood pelleting mill is our in-house dry-storage facility. This enables us to hold substantial stocks to ensure our customers can always have high-quality wood pellets in their boiler hoppers when they need them!  

ENplus A1 wood pellets are the preferred choice for biomass boilers, providing a sustainable and cost-efficient heating solution.

With our extensive delivery network across Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Merseyside, and Cumbria, we guarantee on-time delivery, ensuring your boilers are always fired up and ready to go.

Fast Woodpellet Delivery

Looking for unrivalled wood pellet delivery in the North West of the UK? Then look no further than Northwest Woodpellets.

Contact us today to get a quotation and order ENplus A1 wood pellets.

We run regular deliveries on a weekly schedule, always ensuring we have a truck on the road, ready to deliver. This gives us the ability to react quickly to urgent requirements.

Let us take care of all your biomass boiler fuel needs with our top-quality blown wood pellet delivery service, available throughout the Northwest and neighbouring counties.

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